australia is country by new zeland & white oceania nations

people Edit

australia is white only country but majority of white australians are of british ancestry

history Edit

first people of australia were the aborignes all aborignes were peaceful

whites came to australia in 1710 & was discovered by capt james cook

england was going thourgh over poplation & queen wanted to bigger land to send the poor lower class poplation

cook told the queen about aboringes the queen told cook to get rid of them as result

british shock troops known as cleansers were dispatched to get of aboringies

cook told the aboringe chief co co to get all the tribes of the land & bring them to one place

co co did & before long all tribes of aboringes came to the one place & cook ordered his troops

to massacre the non white vermin by then all of australia aboringe poplation was wiped out

cook was so happy he danced for days & by 1720 all of australia was explored

penal colony Edit

by 1720 the whole land of australia was penal colony for gang members of england of east end