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carmen diaz

chile is majority hispanic country which borders argentina boliva & peru

== people == Edit

chile poplation consits consist of hispanics whites & jews

in the 1970's the goverment of chile did demographic check of racial poplations

demographics were 70% hispanic 25% white 5 % jewish

chile is also a serogated country where hispanics live upper class & middle class areas of chile

while whites live in lower class areas

jewish poplation of chile usally live in middle class areas & don't speak spanish

but there native tounge of either yiddish & hebrew

whites live in lower class areas such slums of santigo diaz projects

fernado projects lopez heights guero slums & gringo projects of chile

whites like the jews speak native tounge of english german italian & gaelic

usally are gangs such as gringos of chile braveheart outsiders & white boys

as well american imported gangs such as ira simon city royals insane decues

goth power emo power metalhead mafia black flag brigade drooges & skinny puppys

the goverment of chile did report that stated that 86% of whites are in gangs in chile

96% prisoners in chile prisons are white

== goverment == Edit

goverment of chile is theoracy / cheist

== defense == Edit

whites are forbidden to serve chile miltary

in 1987 chile miltary decided that hispanic shall serve as ground troops & jews serve in the air force

== history == Edit

chile was no man land until it was founded by conquestidor jose diaz lopez in 1590

diaz demanded it to be hispanic only country & catholic only

chile history was peaceful for over 300 years

chile declared i'ts first war on germany after germany invaded chile

chile was almost destroyed at battle of lopez hill

the united states intervened & became the usa-german war

after usa won the war chile became hispanic only country

chile was doctornezed by the united states & fought in ww1 &ww2

in 1950 gordo lift filled with white immgrants

chile denyed the lift citing chile is hispanic only country

the immgrants angered took it to the united nations

in 1951 chile was forced to give up i'ts hispanic only status

before long white immgrants from white euope & usa

came to chile in droves that newly elected president lupe lopez

decided that no immgrants come to chile until 2000

chile allyed with argentina in falklands islands war after argentina losted the war

chile had to accept over 10 million immgrants from lower class areas of uk & northren ireland in 1982

immgrants mostly either gangmembers & mentally insane before long

chile crime rate rose from 10% to 70% gangs were common place & before long

many riots such as lopez riots fringo riots of 85 lopez projects riots & largest riot in chile history gringo projects riots

before long hernado diaz decided make chile a sergated country chile elected alberto diaz

decided to get rid of sergation before long chile crime rate rose & gangs such as e 13 & e18 started targeting

hispanics in 2003 chile helped usa african war & chile elcted i'ts first female president carmen diaz

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